Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 2 years old and 74 pounds.

PHOTO SEESION UPDATE: We had a great time with this big ole lugnut dog during our photoshoot. He was easy to leash up, though he does pull when he walks. He had no fears--he greeted the volunteers and could have cared less about the camera pointed at him! He has a very gentle manner while taking treats, and he knows SIT and SHAKE. He loves tennis balls and fetch, and he also likes a good game of keep-away. Bronco is very engaging, and likes the company of people, though he is not big on cuddling. Bronco is a smart dog, and he will learn his manners well, and we suggest taking this guy to a dog-obedience class. When he wasn't chasing a ball or playing, Bronco had a calm and happy demeanor.

Bronco is a big dog at 74 pounds, and he will need a guardian who will continue training, and love him up. Bronco is a joyous, playful dog, with a puppy-like personality. This guy is a fan of toys. He's curious and outgoing. He was good with our large and small temperament tester dogs. Because he's a big, strong dog, we suggest that any children in Bronco's new home be over 12 years old. Look for more information about this handsome dog, as we get to know him better.