Manchester Terrier X ?? male, 3 years old and 20 pounds.

UPDATE: Bronco was so shy just a week ago. With the help of shelter staff and volunteers, this pint sized pony is much more outgoing. He's still tentative about getting leashed up, but when he finally is, he's happy to get out and see the world. He was sweet and affectionate in the play yard, and actually a little velcro, following the photographer and assistant around, and getting REAL close. We think Harrison is housetrained. He was curious, but not afraid of the camera. We really enjoyed his company, and we are so happy that this compact, handsome dog is coming out of his shell. Come on down to the shelter and meet him!

Bronco is a shy dog who will melt your heart. This handsome little gent needs to learn about leashes....that leashes will get you outside on walks! And walks mean good smells and fun stuff to see! Check back soon for updates on this dapper little dog, as we learn more about him.