Mixed breed male, 2 years old and 50 pounds.

PLAY GROUP NOTES: Boo Boo took part in multi-dog play groups several times, where he was reactive to the other dogs. After a bit of work by the play group's leader handler, we took off the soft muzzle we had placed on Boo Boo, and he had no further problems! We are temporarily suggesting that Boo Boo be adopted as the only dog in his household, but that could change. Talk to our adoption coordinator if you're thinking Mr. Boo could be the dog for you.

PHOTOSHOOT UPDATE: Boo was fabulous during photo session. When approached in his kennel, he came to the gate, sat, and quietly waited for the volunteer to put on his collar and leash. He was an easy walker, stopping along the way to sniff other guests. BooBoo remained well mannered--he's loving and enjoys people, but he's also kind of independent and calm and loving. We were very impressed with Boo Boo, and on top of his great personality, he's just handsome as can be.

Boo Boo is a happy dog who knows sit and shake. Since he's obviously had some training he may very well be potty trained or know more commands. He's an absolute sweetheart. His temperament makes us believe he would be good in a home with children. Boo Boo participated in a big, multi-dog play group, and he was playful, and took corrections from other dogs appropriately. This gorgeous goof is going to be a wonderful addition to his forever home!