Mixed breed male, 1 year old and 50 pounds

FIDO FIELD TRP 9/10 Today this dog who NEVER stops wiggling his stubby tail went on yet another FFT with long time FFT human, Jason. He played toss the tennis ball, was reported to be affectionate, energized and friendly

Fido Field Trip 9/7 Black Jack got to go on another filed trip and his report card shined with postive comments. He thopought it was great and said, "I went to the Barkery and loved it. I also visited a stero store and enjoyed the musci! I liked palying at my FFT human's house. I ran all over the back yard. She said when I was in the house I was a very good boy! I, for sure, come highly recommended."

BLACK JACK Went on another Fido Field Trip with volunteers Billy and Kaitlyn. Here are their notes: Black Jack loads and unloads in a vehicle and loves to ride. We went to the park, where he loved walking in the grass and exploring the areas. He was friendly with a French Bulldog that he met. They wanted to go play but we had lunch in mind. He waited patiently for his puppy cup which he gulped up in record time. Yes he liked it. We stopped at Rainbow Ag where he met a kitten that he greeted nicely and was not interested in. He got to pick out a treat before heading back. He picked a dried freeze turkey neck which he enjoyed back in his kennel. Black Jack is one of the most affectionate dogs I have taken. So full of love and just always so happy. His nub tail literally never stops wagging. He would be a good dog for anyone to take on a Fido Field trip.

FIDO FIELD TRIP 8/31: Black Jack's FIDO FIELD TRIP (FFT) certainly showed what a undiscovered treasure this boy is. He went to Rainbow Ag and meet both dogs and a cat. He was quite the gentleman! His travleing humann said," Black Jack is great loading and unloading into a vechile and loved the ride. He is very social and outgoing. He loved walking on the grass at the park and enjoyed a 'Puppy Cup' He was good about sitting and waiting for this special treat." Black Jack comes highly recomended as family dog and as a FFT companion.

Just look at this guy's adorable mug! BJ is a sweet dog. He's easy-going and tolerant of other dogs. We can't wait to get to know him and spend time with him, so check back here for observations and updates.

at the park on 9/11

at the park on 9/11