Mixed breed male, 57 pounds and 1 year old. PHOTOSHOOT UPDATE: Bing is a very well mannered dog. He's a bit shy, but after a bit of play yard sniffing and tennis ball throwing, he relaxed and got kinda lovey! This stunning guy knows sit, and we're sure he will be an easy learner, as he is people-oriented, and wants to please. Bing is a lovely dog.

Mr. Bing LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball or romp in the play yard. He's super sweet and a little bit shy, but we have a feeling that he'll open up once he knows he is safe and loved. He was well behaved when he met our female tester dog and might enjoy a canine pal. We think that Bing's personality will make him a good fit for kids of all ages. He would be a wonderful addition to an active family. Tennis anyone?!