Mixed breed male, 1 year old and 65 pounds.

PLAY GROUP OBSERVATIONS: Knox was nervous and lacked confidence when he was first introduced into a multi-dog play group. Play group handlers gave Knox a "time-out" in one of the on-site kennels. When Knox went back out, he was very social with the "pack." We would like Knox to meet any potential doggie roommates.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: We spent a lot of time with Knox, taking photos and playing around, and we just loved this guy. He was easy to walk and leash up. In the play yard, Knox was shy at first and starteld at sudden hand movements, but after a few minutes, he felt comfortable enough that his tail never stopped waggng. He was frisky and very joyful, playbowing and asking us to join him in a good old romp! Knox knows sit and shake, he has a very soft mouth and takes treats with the utmost care. Knox does jump up, and he is a big dog, so any kids in his new home should be older. This behavior is easy to remedy, and Knox, like all dogs, will benefit from training and obedience classes.

Knox is a mellow dog who is slightly cautious of new and unknown circumstances. When he met a friendly puppy, he seemed to be thinking, "What IS that??" Knox knows sit and he shakes with BOTH paws. Knox does not like being restrained, and we therefore feel that any children in his new home be over 16--and able to understand this concept.