Mixed Breed male, 2 years old and 38 pounds.

Beansie is a happy, social, people-oriented dog. We took him out for a play yard romp and photo shoot, and we enjoyed his company a lot! We think Bean is housetrained. Beans enjoys getting pets, especially at the base of his tail. He was friendly and loving with our volunteers, "talking" and telling us he was excited and happy. Bean's coat is white with light orange, and he looks like a creamsicle! He has quick little prancey steps; he's athletic and might be a good dog for a person who enjoys training classes. Beans has beautiful kohl-rimmed eyes. He was not afraid of, but not particularly happy about the camera.

During his meet and greet and evaluation, Beans met our big, fluffy working dog, Chipper. Beans was initially nervous, but did relax after a little bit.