Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 3 years old and 56 pounds.

PLAY GROUP NOTES: Barnum is a multi-dog play group rock star. He loves playing with a big blue ball, and he gives good corrections to his play mates, if necessary. Barnum is a wonderful pooch.

A staff favorite, Barnum began his shelter life with us three years ago when he was a puppy. He's lived in a couple of homes since and we are DETERMINED to find him his true forever home. It's pretty hard to learn to be a great dog if you keep getting shuffled around, but this awesome guy wants to be your best pal! Barnum is easy to leash up and walk. In the play yard, Barnum was quiet and attentive. He's also very affectionate, loves treats and toys, knows sit and down, and has good manners. Since he has been a pet, Barnum won't need the training that many shelter dogs need, just lots of love and guidance as he adjusts to his new home. Barnum will be happiest as the ONLY DOG in his new home.