German Shepherd Dog, SPAYED female, 6 years young and 59 pounds.

UPDATE: Beautfiul Bailey is exuberant and happy and she was lots of fun and a great model during her photo shoot! She's a great size--a bit on the smaller side for her breed--and has gorgeous coat and a full, long tail. Bailey knows SIT, but she was a bit scattered at first, wanting to run around and sniff and just enjoy being out of her kennel. We think that with regular exercise and a basic training class, Bailey will be a wonderful companion and housemate. Bailey is a smart dog, and would probably excel in training class.

Bailey is a sweet, easy going German Shepherd Dog. She enjoys being petted and pampered. She's easy to walk on leash. During Bailey's meet and greet and evalution, she was respectful with our big, fluffy tester dog, Chipper.