Mixed breed SPAYED female, 3 years old and 51 pounds

Pam is our longest-stay guest--and staff and volunteers are bewildered! Pam is adorable and very sweet. We took her out for an updated photo shoot recently, and she was great company. This girl is a definite fetching fool! Pam LOVES to run after tennis balls, which she will drop at your feet to let you know that it's your turn! She's uber-friendly, good natured and entertaining. We would love to see this girl find her home. We have lots of info and observations from all of us who just adore Pam. Come to the shelter to meet this darlin', take her for a walk and a game of fetch!

UPDATE: Pam went on an outing with two of our grrrreat volunteers. You can see her below, in her gear in the car, and politely chilling near the flowers at a local store. Here's a few observations: "Pam is bursting with personality! She was a good girl all around!"

UDPATE: What a doll! Pam is very easy to leash up, and an easy walker. She has very good manners. The minute Pam got into the play yard, she spied the tennis ball! Pam LOVES to play fetch, and she will get the ball and drop it at your feet. If you're not responding, she'll nudge the ball a bit closer to you--just to let you know she's ready and waiting. Pam is athletic and muscular, and perhaps would be a great jogging or walking partner. She's got a lot of focus, and might be the star in a canine training class. Pam is a really great looking dog, with her adorable chest spots and wonderful markings.

pam pics compostie.jpg