Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 4 years old and 50 pounds.

UPDATE: This uber handsome, freckled nose gent is Asher--a shy dog who is under the loving care of Sara--one of the shelter's teen volunteers. Sara's been spending lots of time with our shy dogs, and Asher has been the recipient of her patience and TLC. When we spent time with him during his photo session, we found him VERY lovable, pleasant and sweet.

Adorable Asher is a very shy dog who perked up when he saw another dog. He lived with 7 other dogs in his last home! Check back for updates as we get to know Asher.

On June 21st Asher went on this first FIDO FIELD TRIP (FFT) Asher is one of our shy dogs. But under the guidance of our wonderful volunteer Billy, Asher was off and ready to expore the world beyond the shelter. Once picked up and put in the car he seemed happy and relaxed during the ride. He went to a park, the lake and to Bill's home. Billy said the biggest challenge was Asher's fear of new people. There was not any agrression, but it is clear it takes a little time for Asher to warm up to people he has just met. An unexpected event happened at Billy's house. His cat and Asher met and enjoyed being with each other!

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

Asher starts off on his Fido Field Trip adventure with Billy.

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