Mixed breed NEUTERED male, 5 years old and 74 pounds.

PHOTO SHOOT UPDATE: Arlo is a joy to be around. We spent a bunch of time with this handsome guy, and we found him to be well-mannered, polite, confident and HAPPY. Arlo is exceptional while being leashed up, and very easy to take out his kennel. He greeted the photographer in a friendly and eager manner. Arlo takes treats politely, with a soft mouth. He knows sit and roll over. Arlo has dew claws on his front paws and DOUBLE dew claws on his back. A quick Google search found several dogs with double dew claws: Great Pyrenees, Norwegian Lundehund, Saint Bernard, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, and several others. Whatever breed is in Arlo's DNA, we are sure he is part GOOBER! WE LOVE THIS DOG!

Arlo is a very playful and affectionate dog. He had some training in his former home, as he knows sit down, lay down, and also lay up--for belly rubs! Because of his size, we would like children in Arlo's new digs be age 12 and older. Arlo needs to be THE ONLY DOG in his new home.