Mixed Breed SPAYED female, 2 years old and 66 pounds.

Adele is a wonderful dog--sweet and friendly. Adele LOVES playing with tennis balls--she passed up the squeaky stuffies in the play yard toy box and dove right in for the tennis ball. She'll drop the ball at your feet, and wait anxiously for you to continue the game. But when you want to stop, she can take a time out. Adele has lots of energy, and might be a great dog for someone who likes to jog, and/or a great family dog. We enjoyed the heck out of her during her photo shoot, and we think Adele is a canine smarty pants. Adele knows sit and down and (sometimes) stay. Adele was easy to leash up, but she does pull on leash, so she will need basic doggie training, which we think she will love. Adele has a lovely, soft and smooth coat, with beautiful kohl-rimmed eyes.